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El Al Virtual Airlines offers a multitude of ranks for every level of professionalism you might have.
We don't believe in having ranks based on hours only and require pilots to pass a theoritical exam
once they wish to move up the ladder.
Air Crew Member – ACM
Another step of becoming a pilot in ELAL VA.
Requirements: Written test of 10 question on basic IFR and ATC.

* This rank doesn't allow you to fly just yet.
You have to pass a type rating in order to use a certain aircraft and this initial rank only means you passed the entry level into El Al Virtual Airlines.
First Officer – FO
You have the right to assign for flights in ELAL VA.
Requirements: 10 questions basic type rating test for one aircraft. The test will include questions about basic flight (FMC, Normal procedures...)

Once you pass this test you will become First Officer in ELAL VA and you will be able to log flights and start your virtual career as an ELALVA pilot.
Advanced First Officer – AFO
Requirements: Minimum of 20 hours and 15 landings.
Senior First Officer – SFO
Requirements: Minimum of 50 hours and 50 landings.
Captain – C
After gaining hours and experience this is the time to become a Captain.
  • Minimum of 200 hours and 100 landings.
Senior Captain – SC
  • Minimum of 500 hours and 250 landings

Once reciveing this rank you will have the option to enter our training system.
Instructor - ISC
There are no special requirements for this rank.
To become an instructor you will need to have an interview with you fleet manager and a practical test.