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Working with FS Acars

ACARS (meaning [A]ircraft [C]ommunication [A]ddressing and [R]eporting [S]ystem) is a digital data link system transmitted via VHF radio which allows airline flight operations departments to communicate with the various aircraft in their fleet. This VHF digital transmission system, used by many civilian aircraft and business jets, can be linked to "email for airplanes," as the registration of each aircraft is it's unique address in the system developed by aeronautical radio giant ARINC (Aeronautical Radio, Inc.).
Traffic is routed via ARINC computers to the proper company, relieving some of the necessity for routine voice communication with the company. With ACARS, such routine items as departure reports, arrival reports, passenger loads, fuel data, engine performance data, and much more, can be requested by the company and retrieved from the aircraft at automatic intervals. Before the advent of ACARS, flight crews had to use VHF to relay this data to their operations on the ground.
FSACARS is a software developed to emulate the real world ACARS system in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and in adition to use that information to create detailed pilot reports to VAs.
(Copied from the FSAcars website)
Remember - FSACARS is only a reporting tool, you still have to book a flight in order for it to be able to send the report after you have landed - if you don't book a flight you will end up having to use manual reporting.
Vista Users: make sure you allow fsacars.exe to run as administrator.


In order to become one of the most realistic and professional Virtual Airline in VATSIM, ELAL VA has decided to use FSACARS to simulate real ACARS and to provide our pilots with an easy way to report flight and log hours with us.

Step 1 – Download the program:

  • Download FSACARS including the patch from this link.
  • Now, all you need to do is to download our company data (an INI file) from this link and to copy him into FSACARS main directory.

Step 2 – Opening and setting up the ACARS:

  • Before opening the ACARS you need to be at you departure airport after setting up time and fuel.
  • When opening the ACARS choose "ELY – ELAL virtual airline" from the list and press "Choose Selected Company".
  • Next, FSACARS will confirm that we are at the departure airport and of course we should press "Yes".
  • In order to start the log we need to enter flight details and Flight Plan as specified below :
    • After confirming again that the parking brakes, fuel and time are set we can press the "Start Log" button.
    • Now we can switch tab to "Flight log" and minimize the ACARS until shutting down engines at our destination.

Step 3 – Closing the flight:

After shutting down engines we will open FSACARS in order to report this flight.
  • Open the ACARS and go to the tab "Flight log".
  • We will be able to see our log including all the data that have been recorded along the flight and other nesecery details. – Press "Stop log" and confirm the flight details in the pop-up window and press "Accept".
  • Then you will be able to send the log directly to our site using the "Send Log".
  • Wait for confirmation message says the the log was successfully sent to our website.
That's all, you are welcome to check the flight in our logbook page here:
Visit the logbook
Important notices:
  • If Flight Simulator crashed FSACARS will be able to resume operation after loading the flight again at the same position before the sim crashed.
  • If FSACARS crashed you can use our web flight reporting system as in the past.