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Pilot roster

Despite being based in Tel-Aviv, El Al Virtual Airlines has a very remarkable array of pilots from all over the world.
Our roster is very diverse and range from people in Western & Eastern Europe, United States, and even Australia.
It's quite trivial to say that most of our roster is made out from people in Israel.

Along with this beautiful and diverse range of countries, the age range is also impressive, ranging from 12-14 years of age all the way up to 60 plus !

We must never forget to mention that with all the diversity, one thing which is always desired to remain somewhat boring and leveled, is the level of professionalism that our roster holds.
Itamar Arjuan
pilot id:
Senior Captain
vatsim id:
Staff roster
The staff members are responsible for the smooth operation of the site,
systems and events of the virtual airline.
ELY1 Itamar Arjuan
5277 Hours and 51 Minutes
ELY2 Almog Atar
9164 Hours and 15 Minutes
ELY3 David Bendavid
1428 Hours and 14 Minutes
ELY4 Amir Friedland
1228 Hours and 47 Minutes
ELY5 Ido Wachtel
1439 Hours and 42 Minutes
ELY6 Avshalom Sadoun
1470 Hours and 9 Minutes
ELY205 Erez Savir
444 Hours and 21 Minutes
Pilots roster
The pilots are the people who make us who we are - El Al Virtual Airlines.
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ELY202 Barak Pecht
2403 Hours and 55 Minutes
ELY203 Yarden Ben-dor
1735 Hours and 42 Minutes
ELY204 Omri Atar
4091 Hours and 10 Minutes
ELY206 Amit Sharky
731 Hours and 10 Minutes
ELY207 Shachar Hezkelevich
215 Hours and 27 Minutes
ELY208 Chen Cohen
62 Hours and 59 Minutes
ELY209 Eyal Seminar
153 Hours and 14 Minutes
ELY210 Amir Paz
800 Hours and 0 Minutes
ELY211 Ittai Arnon
2338 Hours and 10 Minutes
ELY212 Amir Shapira
631 Hours and 50 Minutes
ELY213 Nadav Sharon
529 Hours and 6 Minutes
ELY214 Rom Koubi
805 Hours and 49 Minutes
ELY215 Gregory Verba
570 Hours and 36 Minutes
ELY216 Guy Ben Zikrit
179 Hours and 15 Minutes
ELY217 Doron Angel
149 Hours and 25 Minutes
ELY218 Ben Bezalel
927 Hours and 43 Minutes
ELY219 Shlomy Luxenburg
708 Hours and 23 Minutes
ELY220 Leo Sojref
95 Hours and 8 Minutes
ELY221 Moshe Mizrahi
162 Hours and 20 Minutes
ELY223 Etai Charit
212 Hours and 1 Minutes
ELY224 Oran Terner
318 Hours and 58 Minutes
ELY226 Brandon Tal
362 Hours and 25 Minutes
ELY228 Michael Halberthal
10 Hours and 10 Minutes
ELY229 Itay Zecharia
1506 Hours and 44 Minutes
ELY230 Zeev Bucki
3184 Hours and 18 Minutes
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